Of Silent Days

Sometimes, a good photograph is where and when you least expect it. The day I took this shot, I woke up to a dreary, grey, and very foggy morning. Didn’t look great at all. So I decided to take a drive up to County Mayo, to the beaches up there, hoping that there would be sunshine. And if no sunshine, at least I’d get out for a walk. Off we went, my love and I, and pretty much as soon as we got out of Galway, lo and behold – the sun. I think the sun just doesn’t like Galway…

I took a fair few photographs that day, but this one stands out, and that’s why I’m posting this one first. More will follow shortly!

This was taken on the way home, driving along Killary Harbour back home. Blue skies, sun gone, and that bank of fog in the distance, rolling in from the sea.


Killary Harbour a perfect mirror, save for a little branch sticking out of the water, breaking the illusion.


~ by Simone on January 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Of Silent Days”

  1. You’re right, it is magical.
    I love it when water is so still that you get a perfect mirror image.

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