Clare Dreams

The coast of County Clare is a very special place. I’m around the north Clare coast quite a lot, and everytime I go, the landscape and the sea look different. Clare, with the Burren, is quite stark in places, a place that feels almost desolate. A lot of exposed rock, in weird shapes, dotted with holes and breaks, flowing, unchanging.

In the foreground of these pictures, you can see a little bit of those weird rock formations – fascinating stuff!

It was quite windy (and cold!), as you can see from the waves! But, it reinforced my trust in my Slik tripod – no camera shake to speak of, with exposure times of up to 5 or so seconds. Good to know!


~ by Simone on February 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Clare Dreams”

  1. I really love this bottom image, the 5 second exposure has really done the waves justice and what an amazing sky! Great find :)

    • Thanks, Tom – I’m only starting to experiment with long(er) exposures a little bit, and was really pleased when I saw those pictures myself. Glad you like it!

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