For this post, I’m taking a slight deviation from the usual landscape or macro/closeup shots. I’m going abstract.


Because change is good, and pushing one’s boundaries is good, too!

I went out to Old Head beach up in County Mayo one weekend not long ago, and decided I’d mess about with long(ish) exposures a little bit.

Like that. Here, we still have a bit of structure, it’s obvious that this is a beach, a sandy one at that, you can see the mountains in the background… but we’re getting to somewhere a little more off the beaten track.

My favourite shot is this one here:

Leaving the shutter open a bit longer is definitely a good thing. And good fun, too, so give it a go!


~ by Simone on February 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Abstract”

  1. It’s definitely a good idea! I took some pics in Brittany where I focused on lighthouses, but as a byproduct turned the surf into something fogish looking. Almost mythical.
    And challenging your boundaries is imo always worth the effort, no matter how it turns out. ;)

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