This is Eric.
He belongs to my 12-year-old niece, and is just about the sweetest little dog you could imagine. A gentle little fella, with a big big heart.

He had health problems before, had a tumor removed a few years ago.

Now, he has another tumor. One that’s pressing down on his spine so severely that he couldn’t stand up last week. He was taken to the vet, who put him on steroids. At the moment, Eric is running around again, high as a kite from the drugs. Outwardly, he looks fine. But he has a little limp nonetheless. This tumor isn’t just going to go away. Eric needs to be examined and undergo a scan, which is expensive in itself. If it turns out that the tumor can be removed, the operation will cost thousands of euros. Money that Eric’s family doesn’t have. It breaks my heart to think about what the future will hold for Eric, and for his family.

I hope so much that he’ll turn out alright, that we can save his little life.

Thankfully, there’s organisations like the Blue Cross (, that helps needy pet owners in dire times. Perhaps they can help Eric’s family, too. At the moment, I’m just hoping that we even have a slim chance of saving this wonderful creature’s life. The cost of it, really, doesn’t matter. Myself and other family members will do their bit to help, financially. That goes without saying.

Here’s to hope.

~ by Simone on February 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Eric”

  1. Great shot, lovely Eric!

  2. omgosh……..toooooo cute! you’ve captured the black fabulously!

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