Vintage Cameras

I was lucky enough to be gifted with some vintage cameras a few weeks back – they came over from Germany in the hands of my visitors.

First, there’s this:

A Porst CX4 SLR camera, made in the GDR in the 1970s – this actually is my granddad’s old camera, that he gave to me because I would get more use out of it than him, he said. Needless to say I was absolutely chuffed to receive the camera, especially because it’s fully functional and in very good nick.
I have since bought a Helios 44-2 lens for it, which is great fun, too – the first film shot with the Helios is sitting next to me on the table, ready to be developed next week!

I took that camera out to Achill Island with me, and shot the my first film in years on it – the results are pretty impressive! The only thing is, I didn’t get the negatives scanned, sadly – but here’s a rough and ready shot, inverted and processed slightly in PS (not great, but better than nothing)

The second camera that fell into my hands is an Agfa Optima Sensor 200, also from the 1970 – a real beauty!
This one, too, seems to be working – I did waste a roll of film on it, because I didn’t think of re-setting the image counter and only two shots were exposed… oh well, you live and you learn! I hope the next roll of film will turn out better!

As for No. 3 and 4, I’ll save these for another post.

Stay tuned!


~ by Simone on April 12, 2010.

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