The Cliffs (and sheep!) of Achill Island

Achill Island – I showed you one of the beaches here

Now it’s time for some cliffs –

Beautiful place altogether! Especially on a sunny day, it does make a world of difference.
On the way back from that little hike, we passed through a herd of sheep grazing freely on the land. No problem at first, the ewes went out of our way baaa-ing loudly, but they went. Then the ram showed up. An impressive sight he was, with his curled horns! He didn’t walk away. He walked towards us. I started taking photographs of him, but stopped soon because he came ever closer – it soon became clear that we were on his turf, and he didn’t want us there. So we legged it across the bog, hoping he wouldn’t follow. He did! Eventually, he gave up – thankfully! Who’d have thought that sheep can be scary.
Without further ado, here he is – the Boss.


~ by Simone on April 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Cliffs (and sheep!) of Achill Island”

  1. Gorgeous images. The sheep has great intent in his posture, eyes and apparent movement. Awesome composition as well.

    • He was scary!! that intent was directed at me, and I didn’t necessarily want to meet those horns :) Thanks!

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