Scotland: Spot on

Every now and again, you drive past something, a landscape, a place, where everything just comes together for a minute – the light, the place, the atmosphere.
On the way from Oban back to Fort William, I came across a place called Castle Stalker – a magnificient castle, set upon a small island. Unfortunately, the light for photographing the actual castle was terrible, it was far too dark and the view from the car park/visitor centre wasn’t great, especially on such a dark day.

There were, however, three little islands out in the lough (lake? sea? I think it’s the actual sea, but looks more like a lake, as so many places up there do, with long silvery fingers of water stretching inland), and they were pretty much the only thing that was illuminated by the slowly setting sun. A fantastic sight, that I just had to capture.

(on a side note, this is terribly grainy, because in the hurry of getting the shot, I forgot to set the ISO back to 200… I’d been shooting otters before, at not-great light, so the ISO was way up at 800. Of course I only realized this once I’d driven on… yeah. Always check what ISO you’re shooting on!!)


~ by Simone on May 17, 2010.

14 Responses to “Scotland: Spot on”

  1. This is outstanding.
    Never mind the technical details. It is an absolutely beautiful view. Good seen and well composed. Lucky you.

  2. Firstly I’d just like to say that whether you set a too high ISO or not, you’ve still captured some wonderful light there. I’m really enjoying the way the shafts of light are falling down onto the skerries and the composition is spot on.

    With regards to the ISO – it happens to all of us from time to time I’m sure. I know I’ve done it so many times and most memorably on about my second shoot with my first DSLR. That camera (the Canon 20D) had no ISO indicator in the viewfinder but I really should have realised. I remember I’d thought the shutter speeds I was getting were rather high (shooting in aperture priority). That should have triggered alarm bells, but I was enjoying using my new camera too much I guess.

    Have you tried printing this image out? It’s sometimes the case that what appears to be really bad noise on screen is really quite acceptable on paper.

    • Printing, actually, is a VERY good idea – I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to do a good old old-fashioned photo album for that holiday, so I have to get sorting and printing. This shot will definitely be included!
      thanks so much for your lovely comments :)

  3. I really this one. The ray of lights and so much to this photo.

  4. beautiful! i must make it to those parts of the world some day.

  5. Absolutely lovely! This could be an image to encourage a visit to the lough. :)

    • It could be :) I’m just kicking myself that it’s so grainy! You can’t see it so much in this small image, but any bigger, and it’s a total grainfest :p

  6. Unbelievable!!!!!!
    That light is just fantastic!! Dream capture!

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