Bateleur Eagle ‘Batty’

Bateleur Eagle ‘Batty’ –
of all the birds in the Burren Birds of Prey centre, I like this guy best. A big black eagle with a striking red back, a ridiculously short tail, and a face that will turn bright red with age.

Batty is about 2 years old, he was taken from the wild in Africa as a chick, and somebody tried to smuggle him into the UK. Luckily, he got caught by customs, and was hand-reared by some kind soul. Eventually, he ended up in the centre in Ballyvaughan, and people just love him. He’s such a peculiar-looking bird! When he fluffs up his feathers, he just about doubles in size. Lovely, lovely bird.


~ by Simone on June 3, 2010.

8 Responses to “Bateleur Eagle ‘Batty’”

  1. nice“` good moment
    billions1943 from deviantart

  2. What a lovely fellow! Nice to know that he escaped ill fortune for a better life.

    • yeah, he’s had quite the journey. But he is in very good hands now, and whenever I’m down there to help out, I make sure I give Batty a good cuddle :)

  3. Stunning. Simply stunning.

  4. Is that Batty with only sky above him?

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