Ballycurrin Lighthouse

Ballycurrin Lighthouse – the only lighthouse on an inland waterway in Europe. The top of this remarkable little structure is a millstone. It was built on the shores of Lough Corrib, by a worrying wife that wanted to make sure her husband made it home safely from Oughterard… So goes the story.

Beautiful lighthouse, in any case!


~ by Simone on June 7, 2010.

13 Responses to “Ballycurrin Lighthouse”

  1. In my childhood I used to climb up there quite often. I still visit, now and then. I like what you’ve done with the place!

  2. That’s a great composition and the treatment you’ve given it in post processing is bold and very effective. I’d love to explore a structure like that – both with my feet and with my camera. Although, I think I’d have problems with those steps too, I feel in grave peril at the top of a set of step ladders.

    So pleased to have found another inspirational photographer out there. WordPress is paying back some great dividends at the moment.

    • Thanks so much, I’m glad you like my work, calling it inspirational is a huge compliment :)
      As for the post processing with this, my friend Marion ( taught me how to do textures, and this is the very first attempt!

      • Thank you, I will go take a look at your friends work in a moment. I have a large mug of coffee and a bit of time this morning :^)

        Inspirational? For sure! I’m not sure I would have thought about treating a photo in this way, and it works so well for this image. Also many of your photos are of subjects I enjoy shooting too – when I get the chance to, sat as I am in suburban Leicester. I find it inspirational as it shows me new ways of approaching subjects I like shooting and also maybe shows me that I should be a bit bolder with both my shooting and my processing some times.

  3. You have some very beautiful photographs. I will watch for more from you.


  4. One word: gorgeous.


  5. Nice processing! Wives worry to much. :)

  6. That sure is one pretty amazing looking place, but those stairs look a bit precarious… lol.. Works amazingly well with the texturing you’ve added… :)

    • Thank you! Yes, those stairs are quite scary – I went up half-way, on all fours, and then back again, backwards! Nothing for me, no head for heights :)
      Glad you like this!

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