Loop Head

Sunday last week – a trip out to Loop Head, County Clare –


stunning landscapes


the ‘Bridges of Ross’

… a wonderful day out :)


~ by Simone on June 8, 2010.

10 Responses to “Loop Head”

  1. Now I’m curious. This is Ireland? Some of my ancesttors were from there. Looks beautiful. Please…may I have some more?

    • Indeed, this is Ireland! Most of the landscapes here are Ireland (which is where I live :) ) – feel free to drop me an email (found on the ‘about’ page) if you’re curious about the place!

  2. Wow, I am not sure if you’re just picking good views, or if there is no development out there. Everything looks so pristine. Again, wonderful images. I wouldn’t mind a weekend out there myself.

    • come on over Sean, I’ll show you around ;)
      Loop Head itsself is quite remote, there’s a lighthouse out there, but not much else – so nice!

  3. Ah, I really should get over there. This looks like my idea of heaven. With landscapes like this and such a rich prehistoric heritage to investigate I don’t think I’d ever want to come home again.

    • Oh, I think the weather would make you want to go somewhere else at some stage, at least ;) I have to say, though, I do love it here! Glad you like these!

  4. Wonderful photos Simone and I’m so pleased you came round my way again today because it reminded me to link to you in my regularly visited photographers list. I’ve loved looking around here again today.

    The cliffs here are so beautiful but it’s the bird on the right of the third photo that particularly makes me smile – he looks like an opera singer in full flow! :)

    • Thank you so much Angel, I’m glad you enjoy my blog! Yeah, that bird was a noisy one, he was begging for food!

  5. Is this the Irish West coast? I was in Ireland many years ago, and I loved the western parts of Ireland, I hope to go there again!

    • Yes, this is the west coast of Ireland – not too far from Limerick, down there, in County Clare. Lovely spot!

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