Western Screech Owl ‘Max’

Finally I’m getting around to telling you about Max. I don’t actually know why I haven’t posted pictures of this little guy before, seeing as he is one of my favourite birds in the centre!

Max is a western screech owl, which is a north american species. He’s not very big at all, no taller than 15 or 20 cm, I guess. He hatched at the end of May 2009, and after a few weeks, looked like this (isn’t he cute, full of fluff…)

Max grew up in the incubation room, and still lives there to this day – he’s so small, and he’s being kept out of trouble behind glass most of the time.

Occasionally, he gets to fly in the flying displays (always a hit, especially with the kids!). This shot will give you a rough idea of just how small Max is – I love the look on the little boy’s face, he’s delighted with himselfs… and so he should be, it’s not every day that you get to interact so closely with an owl!

Not when it’s windy, though, the poor thing would get blown away, never to be seen again. Whenever I can, I bring Max out on my fist, and introduce him to people.

And of course, everybody loves Max.


~ by Simone on July 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “Western Screech Owl ‘Max’”

  1. Max is cute with very sharp talons. Okay..I was a little early on my owl sighting wasn’t I?

  2. How could anyone not love him… These are some wonderful shots, and those eyes… 8)

  3. I love Max too!! Both of them! ;-)

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