bright blue damselflies

Taking a little photowalk with a friend the other day on the shores of lough corrib, I came across a bunch of bright blue damselflies. Luckily, I had my macro lens with me (A. wanted to play with it, and learn how to use it, so, really, it was her idea!).

Not the easiest shots to get, as it was a bit windy and the light was fading rapidly. Upping the ISO to 1600 yielded satisfactory results – I’m really impressed by the way the D300 handles noise, it’s pretty fantastic!

I’ve now got many blurry damselfly shots… I didn’t have my tripod, and nothing to block the wind, but anyway, some did work out, and I’ll show you some more in the next few days :)


~ by Simone on July 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “bright blue damselflies”

  1. WOW – 2 great shots you got here! So fine colour. Hope you show us more :-)

  2. Great shots! I love the color of these damselflies.

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