the simple beauty of …

Every so often it happens that I stumble across something that is so beautiful to me that I can’t get it out of my head. That I keep coming back to it, and look at it, and want to own it, simply because it’s so beautiful. It doesn’t matter if I need it, I want it. (Sorry, J. – I’ll try not to clutter up our little house too much, promise ;) yes, really!)

A recent example for this folly is a beautiful little pocket watch that I saw over on the Oh, hello friend blog of the lovely Danni – she happened to be selling those little gems in her etsy shop (do have a look around there, so many beautiful things to be had… *sighs*). It arrived in the post while I was away in India, and life has been a bit hectic since then, so I hadn’t had the time or the frame of mind to introduce my camera to the pocket watch… but a few days ago, I finally got around to it. (it’s a great way of de-stressing after work – grab the camera, pop the macro lens on it and spend some quality time photographing …You should try it!)


~ by Simone on July 7, 2010.

8 Responses to “the simple beauty of …”

  1. I can see why you fell in love with it – it’s beautiful!

  2. how true that is about destressing, especially when you set something up with just the right light. And nice introduction to your camera, because this really is a beautiful little watch. I’ll go check it out after I cruise your blog a bit.
    peace n abundance,
    ps thanks for the comment over on my site, can I ask how you found me?

    • Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the lovely comments! :)
      I found your blog via the wordpress tag search, simple! Lovely blog, too!

  3. You’ve made some lovely photos here. Shots 1 and 4 (from the top) particularly grab my attention. I really like the tones in the final shot and that wispy erm – smoke? down? not sure what it is. Good to see you making good use of your macro lens too :^)

    • It’s a feather, that wispy thing in the last shot. Glad you like these – macro is so much fun, and shooting something as pretty as that watch is double the fun.

  4. You are right,the little pocket watch is really beautiful.
    I love these pictures!

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