up in the trees, and back to the roots

I’m falling in love with film again. The vibrancy of the colours, the beautiful grain of the prints, the excitement of going to pick up your pictures… holding them in your hands, instead of just looking at them on a screen, is magic. It makes photography something tangible again, makes it more real, more honest. Since my Granddad gave me his old camera (a Porst CX 4 SLR), I’ve slowly been exploring film photography again, and with every film I develop, more shots are keepers.

Porst CX4, Helios 44-2 lens, 35mm film (cheapo Boots film…)

What an amazing feeling, going back to the roots.


~ by Simone on July 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “up in the trees, and back to the roots”

  1. Lovely pictures! The second is great. But how do you post your pictures when you do not shoot digital?

    • Thank you :) What I do when I get the film developed in the lab is have them scan it – so I have a digital version, alongside with the print and the negative :)

  2. Love these shots! Great post.

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