Test-driving the 10 ND filter

I bought a new piece of kit the other day – something I’ve wanted for some time now: A 10 stop ND filter.

Faced with the choice of B&W’s screw-in filter and Lee’s square filter, I opted for the German option and went with the screw-in filter. Price did play its role, I’ll be honest. With filter + holder + adapter, the Lee filter would have been a bit on the expensive side. Paying around 80 euros for the B&W filter was enough money to spend.

I went down to Rinville after work today, and of course it started drizzling when I got out of the car… the Irish summer, you can’t beat it :( I went walking along the path, past the sailing club and finally found a rock that looked semi-interesting, worth a try, anyway, just to see what that filter could do.

I’d printed out a little cheat sheet for reference, listing the exposure time that the camera gives without the filter, and the corresponding time needed with the filter. I’m sure there’s a way of calculating that, but maths is NOT my strongpoint, so the little reference card, taped inside the filter box (which is transparent), works just fine.

So we stood in the rain, my camera and I (note to self: ALWAYS bring a raincoat. A fleece will sort-of do the job, but a raincoat would have been better. Also, buy rain sleeves for the camera!!).

And we had fun.


~ by Simone on July 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Test-driving the 10 ND filter”

  1. I’ll be getting an ND filter soon though I was thinking around 6 for my first one. Many people use ND filters for fireworks photography, too. Would like to see your results using it on a bright and sunny day.

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