Curious Chick

Juvenile Sparrowhawk ‘Buffy’ – wondering what on earth I’m doing with that big black thing in front of my face…

Sparrowhawks (Accipiter nisus) – probably the most common bird of prey in Ireland, they hunt mainly small birds, either in flight or on the ground.  They are very agile birds that will pursue their prey in woodlands and fly through small gaps in trees.


~ by Simone on July 10, 2010.

9 Responses to “Curious Chick”

  1. […] The little fluffball, nothing but white downy feathers and long legs? The awkward-looking ‘teenager‘? She’s about three months old now, maybe […]

  2. This is just brilliant, love the quality that this picture brings.

    Very good.

  3. This is great. You don’t see raptors like this at this age in the wild. Very unique. How fast will she fly when an adult?

    • Thanks,Scott! :) I’m not actually sure how fast these guys fly, all I know is they’re VERY agile because of their small size. Dynamite on wings!

  4. Oh what a lovely photo – the expression reminds me of someone who has just been rudely awoken! He/she even has a touch of the ‘bed head’ going on there. :D

    • :D thanks! She’s a real beauty, big ball of fluff! I absolutely adore her. She’s got that bed head because I just sprayed her with water to cool her down :)

  5. What a great shot, and love the humorous expression… We’ve had a Sparrowhawk visiting our garden a few times recently… It’s been amazing to see up close, but I’m not entirely sure the sparrows and starling were quite as impressed as me…

    • Oh how lovely, that’s an interesting visitor for sure! You’re so lucky :) but yes, the garden birds probably don’t agree! :)

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