Little blue eyes

Two juvenile Goshawks have found a temporary home at the Burren birds of prey centre at the moment – I met them yesterday, and will hopefully see them again before they move out again.
They are a male and a female, brother and sister, their pen is full of fluffy down feathers (the softest thing ever!), and they look amazing. They have blue eyes, for now – that’ll change as they grow older, but a raptor with blue eyes is just… absolutely stunning.

Goshawk II

Goshawk I


~ by Simone on July 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Little blue eyes”

  1. Such beautiful birds, I love their eyes, great capture.

  2. Wow…never seen a raptor with such eyes. I’ll be posting a photo of a Peregrine Falcon (adult male) on my blog tomorrow. His eyes are a lot more intense than these young ones are.

    • yeah, these guys just look amazing. Their eyes will go yellow, and then orange with age. Old goshawks (and sparrowhawks and the likes) have blood red eyes! Fantastic-looking creatures.

  3. Just too cute!! Those eyes are amazing! What caused their stay with the BoP centre??

    • Thanks! Not sure why they’re there, actually – I know they’ll be training the male to be a hunting bird, though, should be exciting!

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