All grown up

Remember Buffy the Sparrowhawk?
The little fluffball, nothing but white downy feathers and long legs?
The awkward-looking ‘teenager‘?
She’s about three months old now, maybe four.

This is what she looks like now – all grown up!

Buffy I

Buffy II


~ by Simone on July 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “All grown up”

  1. Wow… It must be such a privilege being able to shoot these wonderful creatures up close and personal… That top shot is amazing…

    • Thank you – yeah, it’s great fun, always exciting. The bird is sitting on my leg on the second shot :D it tickles!

  2. Really like the angles you can get with your captive raptors. Ah, yes, those eyes look familiar, yet different.

  3. I like your images, I think we have similar taste and love playing with the 105 and 50mm lenses with minimal dof.

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