balls of fluff

There really is no other fitting description – balls of fluff.
Burrowing Owl Chicks

These are two juvenile burrowing owls, a very small owl species. Lives in burrows in the ground, like a rabbit with feathers.
Here’s mum, giving me her best death stare:

death stare

The two burrowing owls at the center had three chicks this year, and two of them are being brought up by mum and dad. Number Three is being brought up by us humans, and she/he’ll be trained to fly in the flying displays! I haven’t met number three yet, but I squealed when I saw these two little ones. They’re just too funny.



~ by Simone on July 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “balls of fluff”

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  2. Balls of fluff with sharp parts! This is such a lovely set. I’m especially impressed by mum’s death stare; it’s the kind of look that could land her a role (as an arch villain) in a Disney film.

  3. Can’t help but smile when I see this :)

  4. […] This is Mr. Burrowing Owl, the dad of the three fluffballs here – he looks ever so slightly […]

  5. Love ’em! Death stare indeed – mama looks fierce!

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