my world in black and white

I posted this shot yesterday, in colour – here it is in black and white!

Fanore rocks II

… and here’s one more from that evening!

Fanore rocks IV

Lovin’ the 10 stop ND filter. It really slows down the entire process of taking a photograph, for me it does, anyway. Set up the tripod, put the camera in position, compose the shot, take a meter reading, calculate (or guess…) the correct exposure with the filter, screw on the filter (taking care not to drop it… not always easy, especially with cold hands. I always have cold hands, and in the evening by the sea, my fingers do get a little stiff sometimes… caution needed!), and finally press the shutter.
Wait. 30 seconds can feel like a long time.
And then, look at the LCD screen and smile.


~ by Simone on August 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “my world in black and white”

  1. I enjoy to follow your ND photos, nice work :-) I must add this toy to my present list….

  2. Lovely! Especially beautiful in black and white I think.

  3. Hey, your world in black, white, or color, it’s all good. These are great. I haven’t ever really considered ND filters before but it may be on the list. These have such a great contrast of hard and soft.

    • Thanks Sean! They’re brilliant fun indeed. I’m probably spamming a little with long exposures here, but I just love it! Oh well. Getting some films developed today, so there’ll be film shots (b/w + colour!) to break up the routine!

  4. These are stunning… I really must consider dumping my cheap ND8 for a proper ND110… I love the effect you can achieve on clouds and water.. Amazing shots..

    • Thanks very much :) The B&W ND110 isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every cent. I am having so much fun with this thing. I can only recommend it!

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