it’s in the details

Cows make lovely models.

This shot was supposed to be focused on the eye, but with the cow moving and me not focusing quickly enough, now it’s focused on the ear. I quite like it, though!

Big wet nose!


~ by Simone on August 9, 2010.

8 Responses to “it’s in the details”

  1. I like the cow in the background a lot. The one in front is cute as well, and has a very clear ear tag, but that one in the back is cool!!

  2. Yes my favorite is also the first one, and the blurry “model” in the background is a nice detail too.

  3. I particularly love the composition on the first one – very nice shot. And it is all about the details. :)

  4. Really, the nerve of him/her to move. :) The top one still works because of the tag and the focus on the eye is not too far off.

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