Clipper exploring

Juvenile burrowing owl ‘Clipper’, exploring the wide world for the first time!


It’s all very new, and very scary. So she makes herself as tall as she possibly can. Which, in fairness, isn’t much, she’s still tiny!



~ by Simone on August 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “Clipper exploring”

  1. Really like the eyes in this one, great shot

  2. Love the black and white shot! The background works really well against the owl’s perfect posture. Plus, he’s ultra cute :)

  3. Just when you didn’t think her eyes could get any wider. :) She is so cute. I was face to face with a Hawk Owl over the weekend. Normally, I have a zoom lens but I had to do with just a 50mm lens due to the new camera. I had to lean in real close to “zoom” it in. He is part of a raptor exhibit and I was told he wouldn’t bite. He didn’t!

    • Thanks Scott! Yeah, owls are very, very cute. They don’t bite, generally, maybe nibble in search for food (if they’re imprinted and used to being fed by humans). It’s the feet, anyway, that you want to watch out for, not the beak!

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