Mary-Ellen + Boo

Harris Hawks Mary-Ellen and Boo –


Raptors usually can’t be flown together, they’d kill each other. Harris Hawks are different, they are the only social raptors. In the wild, they live and hunt in groups.

Maryellen+Boo II

Because they’re social, they’re very easy-going birds – easy enough to train, and they’ll fly to literally anyone if that person has food.
As a result, they’ve become very popular in falconry, and bird shows.
A lovely sight, too, because these guys are very agile flyers!



~ by Simone on September 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “Mary-Ellen + Boo”

  1. WOW – great captures here of these beautiful hawks!

  2. Gorgeous stuff, not seen a couple fly together.

  3. Spectacular shots! Great detail and beautiful color.

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