Her Home is the Sea

For several years now, a solitary dolphin has been living along the clare coast, up and down between Fanore and Miltown Malbay, spending some time here, some time there, swimming with people, or rather allowing people to swim with her. She seems to enjoy, and even seek human company.

Mara's place
A friend of mine has been swimming with Mara (who also goes under the names of ‘Dusty’ and ‘Fainne’, but really, who are we to name her?) for years, most days she will be in the water with this magnificent animal. I’ve spent hours sitting on the shore, watching the dolphin, but haven’t had the pleasure of swimming with her yet. I’ve heard her clicking noises underwater, but haven’t seen her up close yet, in the water.
That said, she’s a BIG animal, a bottlenose dolphin, close to 3 meters long, and compared to her, us humans are like corks bobbing on the water. The water is her domain, her home, and she is vastly superior to us in any possible way.
Still, what a fantastic experience, even just sitting on the rocks, and watching this queen of the seas…
Mara I

Mara II


~ by Simone on September 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Her Home is the Sea”

  1. That certainly must be amazing, and such a privilege to come so close to one in the wild… It’s a difficult balance though don’t you think, whether to gain their trust, or leave them entirely alone and wild.. But then I guess dolphins are renowned for seeking out our company… Let’s hope she has many more years swimming with complete freedom and doesn’t attract any unwanted attention… Great shots too btw… :)

    • I agree, it IS difficult to balance… but the way I see it, she can go wherever she pleases, she is FREE, yet she chooses to spend her time with humans. The only thing I’m scared of is this: If she does something that’s mis-interpreted as being aggressive, or accidentally hurts someone in the water, what will happen then? She’s a big, powerful animal, a nudge (let’s play!) from her can hurt us fragile little humans, and can be mis-interpreted as aggression… I hope that never happens, and that she is left to her own devices…

  2. How lucky you are living this lovely place near the sea! I hope you will be swimming with “your” dolphin one day… I wish I could try that too one day ;_)

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