Guardians of harbours –

in Cagliari

in Villa Simius

So, I suppose instead of just throwing pictures at you, it’s time to actually tell you a little bit about that holiday in beautiful Sardinia!
The originally planned two weeks were shortened to one week, due to unforseen reasons, and instead of sailing from Sicily to Sardinia, it was only sailing around Sardinia because the remaining trooper crew of 2 people brought the boat up to Sardinia by themselves. Anyway, once we got there, it was all good. The boat, Carter 37 ‘Quasar’, was in the harbour in Cagliari, waiting for the remaining crew members to arrive and set sail to Santa Maria Navarrese, it’s new berth for the time being.
Once the entire crew of 5 was assembled (a very happy family re-union, with my sister, mother, uncle and myself and my boyfriend making up said crew. Considering that I live in a different country to the rest of my family, I don’t see them very often, so any holidays together are always brilliant!), we were determined to get moving, considering the time constraints of only having one week to complete the rest of the journey. The weather (see yesterday’s post) thwarted the first attempt at moving on from Cagliari, but once we were en route, we sort of had to keep going, which resulted in a day of ‘severe weather sailing’ – 8 hours of force 8 winds, up to 4 meter waves, not so much fun at all. Once that was over and done with, though, we’d almost reached our final destination and could relax for the remaining days, which I can assure you we certainly did.

From a photography point of view, finding my wide-angle legs was not always easy, considering that I shot most of the time from the boat – resulting in a LOT of very crooked horizons, bits of boat in the shots that crept in there (it happens at 10 mm…)… it was interesting! I hadn’t brought a tripod, either (for luggage reasons, thanks Ryanair…).
But, anyway, now that I’m back, I’m slowly finding my way around, and beginning to really appreciate what this fantastic lens can do. Not that I have much time to go out shooting, what with the short days and all, but any dry weekend, I will certainly seize the opportunity, and GET OUT THERE!

Happy Shooting.


~ by Simone on October 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “guardians”

  1. I love my super-wide angle lens too. I think it’s maybe the most “fun per buck” lens I have. I have the Sigma 10-20mm, it’s actually my second “copy” of that lens as I lost my first one to a burglary very nearly 1 year ago. I only recently managed to replace that lens and I’ve fallen right back in love with it again.

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