happy accident

It wasn’t just my D300 that came on holidays with me, my little Coolpix S3000 that I’d bought back in June for the work trip to India joined in, as well. As did a cheapo Aquapac underwater-bag. Whilst I do have an EWA marine underwater pack for my SLR, I figured it made more sense to take the small camera swimming, purely based on the thought that IF something happens, if there’s a leak, it’s 150 quid that are lost, not 1500…
So apart from the usual fun shots (people diving etc), I stumbled across this shot – a total accident, really. I cropped a bit of boring landscape out of this and left only the mountain with it’s cute little heart cloud. Awww.



~ by Simone on October 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “happy accident”

  1. What a great and unique perspective Simone. I was imagining you were in a small boat or something of the kind, before I read the text. Will I find some underwater shots as I work my way back through your posts?

    Sadly, I forgot how to swim… I know, I know, they say you can’t do that. Well, I did. I learned when I was about 12 years old, never used it and now when I get into the water I just sink. And they say you can’t do that either.

    • Yeah, I must dig out some mad underwater shots, they’re fun. And get back into the water, it’s never too late to learn or re-fresh those skills – my bf only learnt to swim in the last two years, and he loves it!

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