paradise beach

The beach in Villa Simius, Sardinia –

seriously, if you can have this, who needs the Caribbean? Not me! This will do just fine, I think!


~ by Simone on November 2, 2010.

10 Responses to “paradise beach”

  1. Great depth in both of these. Interesting images from foreground to background. I love the stick in the image on the top. Was that placed, or was it just there? Not that it really matters either way. My eye goes from the stick to the little stone just above and then follows the lines in the sand to the rocks, the hills behind and then the sky with those soft clouds in it. Lovely light bringing out the texture of the ripples in the second shot too.

    Yeah, I’d much rather be there than the Caribbean myself.

    • thanks Chris! Yep, that stick was placed there… I moved it a little to get it into the shot, and I’m quite happy with the result. Sardinia is amazing for photographs, such a gorgeous spot.

  2. I certainly think it just about beats the North Sea in November anyways… lol… Amazing shots…

  3. Nice use of hyperfocal photography. I agree, this place looks like paradise to me, too!

  4. Yes – great captures – I think it is because of the foreground of both photos: lines and structure in sand and water gives a nice depth to the image

  5. I agree these are gorgeous scenes

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