darkness falling

Watching a storm make its way across the sea, heading towards land with its dark clouds, high winds and waves and the promise of rain is fascinating, even if it means a bit of a gamble of how long to stick around on the beach before the rain sets in and soaks myself (not so bad) and my camera (bad. very bad!).
Two weeks ago, I headed out to Fanore in the evening, having been in the area during the day. Armed with tripod, camera and hat and gloves (my hands and my fingers especially get terribly, terribly cold to the point of being totally white all the way to the knuckles), I stood and watched the sky get darker and darker, and the rain approaching, drowning the Aran Islands on the way in.

world’s end…

I must say, again, how very pleased I am with my wide-angle lens – it’s simply fantastic. Well, maybe my own photography skills have improved, too, looking back over shots from even two years ago (shots that I was proud of at the time), I’m stunned that I take shots like the one below, now…


~ by Simone on November 28, 2010.

10 Responses to “darkness falling”

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  3. I’m glad you got that second shot: That’s so great with the blue colors and the threatening clouds. Cold – but no snow… here is more than ½ meter of snow – and cold too…brrrrrr…

  4. You are nailing these wide angle landscapes. Love the blue tones to give the photo (and me) a chill.

  5. Love the blue tones, especially in the second shot. Lovely.

  6. Those certainly are some amazing shots… and you’re right about the wide angle lenses… They are pretty amazing pieces of kit… So did you get wet ???… lol..

    • Thanks mate! I did make it back to the car just in time – it had begun to drizzle by the time I took the second shot here, but I wanted that shot, I knew it was good – then, running back across the beach, up the dunes and into the car. Just in time for lashing rain. Great day!

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