… well THAT didn’t go as planned!

Right, so that trip home to Germany didn’t happen, unfortunately – flight got cancelled while we were at the airport waiting, not a huge surprise, but a massive disappointment, I’d REALLY been forward to getting home, and seeing my family. But what can you do, it’s the weather, Dublin isn’t used or equipped for snow at all… Anyway, we then spent the holidays with the future in-laws, which was manic as always, but nice, of course. And that visit to Germany, we’ll do that in the new year sometime.

The picture for today was taken a few weeks ago, on December 5th, in Delphi Valley – special place, and special things happened that weekend, but I’ll tell you about that not now, but very soon! :)


~ by Simone on December 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “… well THAT didn’t go as planned!”

  1. What a stunning image :O

  2. Sorry that you did not succeed visiting your family over here. That sounds exciting – a special place with special things happening!!!!
    Thanks for all your inspiration here in 2010 – I wish you all my best for a peaceful, photographic and Happy New Year in 2011!

    • A very happy new year to you, Truels – thank you for reading, and for taking inspiration from my shots, I’m honoured! :)

  3. I sympathise! I didn’t get to see my family, either because opf the weather. Love your photo though. The light is wonderful. Happy New Year!

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