Wet feet, but worth it!

Sometime late last year in November, I went on a trip down to Fanore beach – I’ve shown you pictures of that day here and here

The rock formations at that beach are fantastic, the bizarre rocks of the burren, meeting the ocean, encrusted with limpits, slimy with seaweed, anemones clinging to the stone in little pools and cracks…

I set up my tripod, straddling a gap in the rocks that half-filled with water when a big enough wave came in, and, one foot in the gap, composed my shot, click goes the shutter…
… in comes the wave!

Wet feet, of course. But worth it, don’t you agree? :)


~ by Simone on January 14, 2011.

8 Responses to “Wet feet, but worth it!”

  1. Fabulous live shot !

  2. Fantastic image, well done! It’s taking the time to think about a shot that makes the difference. Curious, what was your shutter speed on this one?

  3. Amazing pic. Well captured indeed.

  4. Great photograph, the weather looks quite wild out there! Some of the best times I’ve been out with my camera it’s been windy, rainy…etc..!


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