Follow your own path

What is a photographer’s most important accessory? (apart from the camera gear, including tripod, remote release, filters etc.)


I took a drive out to Inishmicatreer the other day, a little beauty of an island in Lough Corrib, accessible via a bridge from the mainland. Inishmicatreer is part of County Galway, but unless you’re coming by boat, only accessible through County Mayo! Peculiar, but beautiful.

So, why the wellies?

I took a little walk along the shore, scouting for good photo opportunities, enjoying the late evening light.

Nice little place, right?
I had my eye set on that row of rocks jotting out into the lake, but couldn’t get to it with dry feet – until I remembered that I had my wellies in my car!
Five minutes later, armed with wellies, tripod and 10 stop ND filter, I shot this:

Happy out :)


~ by Simone on February 4, 2011.

11 Responses to “Follow your own path”

  1. I love the way those stones wiggle and snake out into the water. You’ve made me want to invest in both a pair of wellies and a good ND filter :^)

  2. Wellies? Must be some sort of boots, eh? :)

    Like the compositions of both photos especially putting the horizon way up in the second. The stones lead one right to it.

    • I guess in the US they would be called ‘rubber boots’? :-)
      Thanks, glad you like this one – it’s the only one that worked from that day with the 10 stop ND filter, I had a big fat light leak in the rest! Oh well, you live and you learn!

  3. WOw!!! I am so in love with Inish Mic A Treer!!!! Always have been! And I think you did the same row of stones that I did!

  4. Fabulous!

  5. Both images absolutely stunning!
    I use wellies a great deal. Not just in winter, but in summer also as a protection against snakes when walking through long grass. Of course, your snakes got driven out a long time ago:-)

  6. I always look forward to your posts.

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