A new member of the family

We got adopted, I think!!
Well, or maybe we adopted someone, I think it’s a bit of both…

A few months back, we started seeing this stray cat hang around the estate, black and white, and the poor thing had no tail! Instead of a tail, it had an open wound, a bit of bone and flesh sticking out of a tail stump. Heaven only knows what happened to the poor animal.
We started feeding the thing, and slowly made friends with it. Turns out that it’s a really friendly little cat, black with a white chest and four white feet. I took to calling her ‘Socks’.
And I just couldn’t bear to see her run around with that open tail any longer, it was obvious that nobody owned her, I mean, would you let your cat run around with a wound like that? No, didn’t think so.
So we made the decision to take pity on the poor creature, get her to a vet and get her tail fixed. That’s what we did last week, she’s now recovered indoors for a week, and is healing up nicely.

She took her first wander outside today. I turfed her out when we left for work, and guess who was waiting outside the house when I came home?

This little girl.
I guess we’ve been adopted! :)


~ by Simone on February 11, 2011.

8 Responses to “A new member of the family”

  1. Ooooh, she looks so well!! Her fur is shiny and all. I am sure she will be very happy that she adopted the both of you, because as you know it is never the other way around ;) She chose well, very well!!

    • Yeah, she’s a really happy camper now! and yes, SHE adopted us, of course! (much to the dismay of the Stinktier, there’s been some hissing and yowling going on, hilarious!)

  2. She looks very happy.

  3. You’ll be well rewarded for your kindness:-) She’s very special!

  4. Great Story, thanks for sharing. It is great the way you have helped Socks. It sure sounds like the new home will be a good one.

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