Cliffs? What cliffs?

The Cliffs of Moher – rising 250 metres, straight up from the atlantic ocean. Quite a sight, they are – if you can see them.
Given the lovely Irish weather, that’s not always the case, unfortunately.
That said, even, or maybe perhaps especially a foggy, windy day makes for beautiful photographs. Interesting photographs, certainly.


~ by Simone on February 15, 2011.

6 Responses to “Cliffs? What cliffs?”

  1. Love the mood this shot evokes… We’ve had a fair amount of mist / fog round here recently too, but unfortunately it’s been hand in hand with wall to wall thick grey skies… so no inspiration to go shooting in the stuff… Stunning shot…

  2. Those cliffies never ever stop amazing me, different views all the time!
    This one is pretty spectacular indeed! Love the sunshine!!

    Big huggy!!!

  3. Simone, this is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! We have a shoreline here in Florida, but no rocks, no cliffs, no mist. Just waves and sand. The sun rises over the ocean and brings vibrant light to the shore. There is no mystery in our beach, no intrigue. This place you have photographed looks mysterious and beautiful. A place that I could sit wrapped up in a blanket and just ponder life. A good spot for solitude. Thanks for sharing!

    • thank you, dear :) (and I’m SO glad Ro is doing so well, how fantastic!!)
      you’re right, the coastline here is full of excitement, mystery, beauty. it never gets boring. I can spend hours out there, watching, photographing, taking it all in. You should come visit :D I’d show you around!

  4. This is very much reminding me of the cliffs of Hoy and the western part of Mainland, Orkney. I was there in 1998 and 2000, would so very much like to return – and with the sort of photo kit I have now. I was still shooting slides back then.

    • Thank you very much :) Orkney, sounds lovely… I’ve only been up as far as Skye, but LOVED it – of course that was before I knew how to use my camera properly, so like you, I would absolutely love to go back for some photography. hmm. :)

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