Catching up

Hello my dear friends, and sorry for being so quiet over the last few days – I have a very good excuse, though, I was home in Germany for a few days!
And what busy days they were – filled with food, family, photography – in that order, actually – the food! mmmh. Gorgeous local wines (if you haven’t tried wines from the Lake Constance region yet, you should get your hands on one, they are amazing), beautiful home-cooked food, fresh fish from the lake… Heaven.
Family – a great (albeit too short) chance to see the family, attend a wedding, photograph said wedding, hang out with my sisters and mum…
Always accompanied by my camera, and my new 24-70 f2.8 lens – happy days! Now: wedding photographs to sort through, and create an album. Photographs from a hike in winter wonderland. And last but not least: it was carneval season back home, so I will show you what ‘Schwäbisch-Alemannische Fasnacht’ is like! It’s special, with it’s wooden, hand-carved masks and colourful costumes.

Keep your eyes peeled, and thanks for having a bit of patience with me while I catch up (and unpack).



~ by Simone on March 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Catching up”

  1. Glad to read you had a great time!!!! Can’t wait for the photos, so you hurry up a bit yes!!!

    Max has a job too, he starts Monday. Great stuff isn’t it?? We are planning on moving the big thingies weekend after paddy’s day, I think 19 and 20 March. I have given notice Februray 27th on the lease in Luimnagh. Landlord has not even responded yet…. Sucker….

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