Fasnet – Fasenacht – Carnival…
Out of the many different shapes and forms that carnival takes around the world, this is the one of my home region – in the very south of Germany, the Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht. (I’ll spare you the waffling, and re-route you to Wikipedia, if you want to learn more).

Wooden masks and ‘guilds’ of various creatures, diverse and amazing-looking. Out with the winter, in with the spring!

A ‘Schussengeist’, a local river spirit –

A ‘Bohnenbrätscher’

A ‘Hennenschlitter’ – chicken gook gook!

Aren’t they lovely?
During ‘Fasnet’, there are parades ever weekend, in different villages around the area. When I was home now last weekend, I went to the parade in Nonnenhorn, and loved every second of it!


~ by Simone on March 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Fasnet!”

  1. Carnival in Germany is much more intensely celebrated than in Netherlands, where it is all about getting drunk as quickly as possible, somewhat the ‘Irish way’ ;)
    In Holland they do not bother about getting nice costumes anymore, anything will do. As long as they give the impression it has something to do with carnival it is ok.

    I am so glad I do no longer have to endure that tasteless stuff in Holland!!


    • haha yeah, I do enjoy it in SMALL doses only! Only this traditional carnival, though, not mad on the stuff that’s done in the likes of Cologne… :)

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