he’s got the look

Canadian great horned owl ‘Owls’


~ by Simone on March 11, 2011.

24 Responses to “he’s got the look”

  1. Just gorgeous. I made a colored drawing of this owl many years ago and have been in awe of its beauty ever since.

  2. […] and his greeneyedspirit blog who posted a close up photo of an old camera.  He later submitted a wild photo of an owl’s eye.  Both are filled with detail most people miss unless it is in a […]

  3. Great capture!


  4. Wow, he’s piercing right through my monitor with his gaze! Great capture.

  5. This is STUNNING! :)

  6. OOh, what a beautiful idea for the close up photography assignment! Did you see him in a zoo or in the wild?

  7. Impressive and so beautiful ! Bravo !

  8. Stunning! What’s NOT to love here?? :-)

  9. Mean? Nah . . . just really, really good at his job . . . What a compelling portrait!

  10. What a fine looking chap he is!! Really beautiful!!
    You will be pleased to know Simone, that so far, I have seen 3 red kites and 2 buzzards in the wild here. I was most impressed, as that is more than I have seen so far in Galway.

    • oh. Impressed? Jealous is the word!! That’s fantastic! :) The only buzzards (wild, that is) I ever saw in Ireland were over in Wicklow, too.

  11. Awesome…don’t forget to post this on my assignment post.

  12. You’d certainly not want to meet one of those down a dark alley… as the saying goes… but what a great shot… You have to respect that mean stare…

    • hehe, he commands respect alright! (not that he’s particularly bright – those lovely eyes take up 67 percent of his skull, so he’s rather daft, unfortunately… owls, eh… love them, though)

  13. Magnificent!!

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