Ben Bulben

I took a weekend trip up to Sligo two weeks ago, I had somebody visiting and it’s always nice to go places with visitors. So, Sligo it was!
While the weather left quite a lot to be desired, I still enjoyed it very much. Such a nice spot. Friggin’ cold, though, I can tell you that! (As you can see, from the snow and all…)

This is the view from Streedagh beach towards Ben Bulben (that’s the name of the mountain, by the way. ‘Ben’ is what some mountains here in Ireland are called. Don’t ask me why. Maybe someone here knows? I don’t… it’s an Irish thing…)

Streedagh Beach –


~ by Simone on March 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ben Bulben”

  1. I was thinking before I read your post that it looked friggin’ cold there… lol… Sure does look like quite the place though… Btw, it’s not only an Irish thing, as I recall once climbing Ben Stack in Scotland many years ago… I have no idea who Ben was though… lol..

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