A flying display of a different sort

Those of you who follow me on facebook have probably already seen this – if you haven’t done so yet, go on – you might see things there you won’t see here. (as in: additional shots, ya know)

Another day at the Burren Birds of Prey centre, and it never ever gets boring.
Saker Falcon ‘Milly’ was less than co-operative during the flying display, and decided her time was better spent starting a fight with the local pair of ravens that nest on the cliff face. She spent about half an hour chasing the raven, or better: being chased by the raven.

She did come back eventually, lured in by food and probably exhausted from her air acrobatics!


~ by Simone on March 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “A flying display of a different sort”

  1. Scary stuff if it seems like they will never come back!!! I have one of the BBOP center tomorrow, you might recognize him :D

    • We were worried the raven would ground her and kill her, actually – lucky she did come back! LOVE your Huey :D

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