Some things just stay with you.
One of these things, for me, was a hot humid monsoon evening in Hyderabad, India, walking up white marble steps, bare feet, to a breathtaking temple, in the warm summer rain with a guy called Joy, very fittingly – lovely chap… (two atheists going to a temple, hah!)
Overhead, a mass of birds circling. I kept looking at them, thinking, they look raptor-like? They were kites. Black kites, so many of them. Amazing.

One of the newer birds at the Burren Birds of Prey centre is ‘Milan’, the black kite. She’s a fighter, flying despite injuring her wing a while back, still a bit wobbly, but flying!
Whenever I see her, and hear her call, my mind wanders back to beautiful India…


~ by Simone on April 4, 2011.

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