trees trees trees

lots of trees

Have I mentioned that I love Granddad’s little 35mm film camera, yes? I might have ;)

I’m also working on a resurrection… can you guess what I’m bringing back to life? You’ll see soon, hopefully. That said, it might not actually work, so I can’t promise anything!


~ by Simone on April 10, 2011.

8 Responses to “trees trees trees”

  1. Your pictures from the old camera are processed on Friday?? Wooohooo!! Looking forward to that. I am sure they will turn out very exiting. It is about time to get your *sses over here and pay a visit, luv!! Whenever you drive up to Dubs again, aybe you can spare an hour on the way back to come and take a look??

  2. I really like the lighting and contrast in the first shot. A nice composition for the square format too.

    As for your “Frankenstein” aspirations, my only guess would be what you mentioned to me elsewhere. I won’t name it for fear of giving the game away – and anyway, I might be wrong :^)

    • LOL Frankenstein indeed! And you’re right :) I just have to be patient now and see if it worked, picking up things on Friday. Hmmmm exciting!

      • Oh, excellent news :^) I suppose I can’t be *quite* as excited as you are over the prospect, but I would be if I was you…! If you see what I mean…+

        I’ll be very keen to read about it so do make sure you give me a prod if I don’t do so well on keeping my word and making sure I read more blogs and comment on more photos now my 365 is done.

  3. I still have an old 35mm SLR but it hasn’t seen the light of day in years.

  4. Very cool, I held onto my 35mm for a few years after digital had a firm grasp. Still have granddad’s old cameras.

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