Resurrection: successful!

Oh boy have I been neglecting this blog. Apologies are in order, I’m sorry! But: I’ve been busy. With life, in general, and my photography.
I have brought her back from the dead, out of the darkness of the basement, into the air sunshine open skies…
Miss Voigtländer, 80 years old or so, is being dragged around the west of Ireland, always well wrapped up, but she comes out with me for outings.

This is half of the pictures from the first test film (well the first one I had put in correctly, and shot outdoors, so it’s the first one that turned out OK, really!) –

Needless to say, I’m absolutely chuffed at how these turned out.
Yes, some are overexposed a little bit.
Yes, it’s really hard to know what exactly will be in the shot, and what’ll be in focus.
But man, is it fun!


~ by Simone on May 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “Resurrection: successful!”

  1. Wonderful Simone! So glad that the film wound on correctly this time. I must give Helmut a go with some colour film at some point. Apart from the fact that I love black and white anyway, it is also rather more forgiving on the exposure side of things – having said that, these look fine to me. Well done!

    • Thanks chris! I’m having such a great time with this little old lady. Aren’t ancient cameras the most fun? :)

  2. I would love to see some B & W shots from your camera. I bet they would have a great mood to them.

    • Thanks Angelina! Yes, I must try b/w! I have a bunch of filters, blue red yellow green orange, to go with it, too, so that should be fun! :)

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