an unplanned trip to the races

Last Sunday,  I decided to take a little trip down to the Clare coast, beautiful sunny day that it was. Landscapes on the mind, I took my wide-angle lens, filters and tripod with me. On the way, I happened upon the Ballyvaughan Pony Races that were on that weekend. I’d had no idea! So I stopped for some delicious lunch (from these guys: – YUM! :) absolutely gorgeous) and some pony racing. Whilst having my roast pork bap sitting in the grass next to the race track, I got the camera out and shot a few pictures of the horses going past. Didn’t think a wide-angle lens would be any good for this, but WOW, it was probably the best lens I could have brought!


I did go down to the coast for some landscaping after this, but I’ll show you those later :)


~ by Simone on August 31, 2011.

4 Responses to “an unplanned trip to the races”

  1. Wow…the top one is perhaps my favorite horse-racing photo ever. It captures the recklessness of racing at the edge.

  2. How close were you to the track? I bet you could feel the Earth move as the hooves pounded past you!

    • I was very close to the track, maybe 1.5 metres away from the horses? I got showered in dirt as they went past :-p worth it, though!

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