Something new…

Hello my dear friends,

I’ve been busy over the last few weeks, got things to plan, big things! But there’s still time for photography, there simply has to be time for it! So I make time for it. Like today, I took the macro lens out and spent some quality time with a beautiful bunch of flowers that I got on Friday :) My wonderful co-workers presented me with them because… well, I’m getting married next week! Which explains the busy-ness, and absence from here :) But that’s not all that’s new, I’ve also come up with a new logo for Greeneyedspirit Photography. (because planning a wedding isn’t enough to be doing, right?) What do you think?


~ by Simone on October 30, 2011.

8 Responses to “Something new…”

  1. Well firstly, congratulations! On the wedding that is! Clearly keeping yourself busy. Glad you are finding time to post photographs as well, I like the updated pics. Reminds me, I must catch up and post some.

  2. Congratulations on taking the time to photograph and share your flowers and for you upcoming nuptials. You know, I would have photographed your wedding for “free” for a paid trip to Ireland. ;)

    • heehee thanks Scott! Yes I know, and you know what, the weather was amazing all this last week. So lucky! come on over anyway and visit :D

  3. I think that’s some wonderful macro work Simone, I particularly like the curl on the petal to the left.

    And of course, many congratulations and I do hope you have a wonderful day :^)

  4. Ah, that explains why your so quiet lately :) Enjoy your day!

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