too much rain…

There’s been far too much of this lately:

Boring, isn’t it? nothing but rain and wind, not even snow, and on the rare occasion that it IS sunny, well, I’m stuck in work! Infuriating, really. But what can you do, it’s winter, dark when you go to work, dark when you come out, raining at the weekends…

The good news is that I’ve turned my photographic eye to different subjects: food being one of them. In the run-up to Christmas, I’ve been doing a good bit of baking and made some pressies for people.

Peanut butter fudge,

Lemon Curd,

Caramel Sauce…


Tasty, don’t you think?


~ by Simone on December 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “too much rain…”

  1. Boring? Well, you sure got an interesting photo at the top of the page… and of course with food being involved they remained interesting as I scrolled down :^) You’ve got some lovely tones and softness in those photos of the goodies you made.

  2. First cookies and now fudge…peanut butter at that. So, does this stuff keep over a long time in a box? ;)

  3. Peanut butter fudge – uhm, that sounds nice – I’d like a piece of that?!..

  4. Yummy! I am getting sick of the rain too!

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