Barn Owl ‘Jess’

Doesn’t she look wise and pensive?

want to know what happened? We clipped her talons, they were razor sharp. She’d flown at my head before, when I was cleaning her aviary. Not pleasant, she just about hit me in between the eyes… so her talons got clipped. Like clipping fingernails for us, doesn’t hurt or harm the birds. Not that she particularly enjoyed it…
which is why she’s sulking in this shot.

Has to be one of my favourite shots from 2011!


~ by Simone on January 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “pensive”

  1. Excellent photo! And nice story about Jess – amazing (and a little frightening!) that you have this owl tame and in captivity!

    • She’s not mine, she lives in a bird centre that I volunteer at :) so she’s my part-time ‘pet’ in a way! love it :)

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