Hello South Island!

After spending a week on the north island, we took the early morning ferry from Wellington (beautiful city, by the way) to Picton. The ferry ride in itself is something to be savoured, as most of the trip isn’t across open water, but through fiords, so there’s plenty to see along the way.

First bit of the South Island – 

We’d originally planned to spend a night near Abel Tasman National Park, but found that we just wouldn’t have the time – decisions had to be made, difficult decisions, and so we skipped the northern part of the north island, unfortunately. Next time, eh? (*crosses fingers)
We drove straight from Picton to Punakaiki, which is on the west coast – so basically we crossed the south island in a day. Not too bad, we were well used to driving long distances at that point, and our brilliant Wilderness van was a joy to drive anyway :)

A beach on the way –


Our destination for that night was Punakaiki, and the famous Pancake Rocks. So called because, well, they’re weird rock formations that look like stacked pancakes. Very cool! Actually, it reminded me very much of the Burren region here in Ireland, only that there’s no rainforest anywhere near here!

Pancake Rocks –



~ by Simone on April 18, 2012.

One Response to “Hello South Island!”

  1. Following your travel down there – is so wonderful for me. Great photos here from South Island.

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