this ‘flying’ thing…

Always fun to see young birds find their wings, and take to the skies!

Especially when they’re tiny and cute, like the two burrowing owl chicks which hatched at the beginning of July in the Burren Birds of Prey centre:

this is just to show you how small these fellas are – they’re little bumblebees once they take off!

Fly… how? Like … this?


Yeah, that works! :)

the real fun starts now, we’re training these two for display duties!


~ by Simone on September 9, 2012.

6 Responses to “this ‘flying’ thing…”

  1. They are so cute, these owl babies, I love the two last photos of their flying exercises!

  2. aah: I thought the feet belonged to James – no idea why!!
    look forward to seeing you all again; hopefully will be at the Centre on Sunday 21st October if you and John are around??

    Just LOVE your photographs: they are truly stunning!

  3. Hey, if you can burrow, what’s the point in flying… ;)

  4. great photos, Simone!
    so . . . whose feet are those in the photo??

    look forward to seeing you again hopefully in October, if not, then February.

    Love your blog!


    Sue and Aisling

    • haha Hi Sue and Aisling! Saw the hits from Guernsey on the blog yesterday, and knew who’d found me :)
      the feet belong to James! The Owlets are coming along great, we’ve started training them now, they’re so much fun. :)

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