Autumn Colours x 4

So I swapped cameras with Moira of TriggerBugPhotography the other day… She took my Nikon D300 with the macro lens attached, and I got her Canon 5D with a 50mm f1.8 attached.
Then, we spent the afternoon around her garden, shooting anything and everything, and we had so much fun with it!
So is there a big Canon/Nikon difference? One better than the other? Hmmm not for me to be honest – took me a while to wrap my head around the controls, found out some stuff that Moira didn’t know about her own camera, and just shot click click click :)

Happy days.

Here are 4-in-1 from that day, lovely autumnal colours…


~ by Simone on October 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Autumn Colours x 4”

  1. Soft and tender shades, love the touch of light here and there. Nice mosaic too.

  2. Lovely…make a nice print or a set of prints.

    People do get bent out of shape about equipment. Both Canon and Nikon have excellent stuff. For most, it comes down to how it feels in one’s hand which includes positioning of controls. I prefer Nikon but I sure do not care what others prefer. It’s all good. :)

    • Thanks Scott :) that would be exactly the way I look at it – both brands are equally good, just a matter of personal preference really. it was interesting to do the swap!

  3. Autumn can be so wet and dark – nice to see the sunny and light sides of autumn here :-)

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