Film + chemicals = FUN

So yesterday, Moira and myself went about developing some black and white film. She brought all the equipment with her, as I don’t have any – yet, anyway, that’ll change soon. I’ve caught the developing bug

Moira had one roll of b/w film to develop, I had one roll of colour and one roll of b/w film shot. To practice, I sacrificed a cheapo roll of C41 b/w film so that I could try winding the film onto the spool while actually being able to see what I was doing. Good thing I did practice that a little, first with eyes open and then closed, because it can be a bit finicky. Onwards and upwards, then, to developing!

The first roll got botched completely because Moira couldn’t get it onto the spool and we tried developing it anyway – didn’t work too well, unfortunately, so that roll will now serve as decoration on her wall :) Then, for the fun of it, we developed my colour film. Cross-processed it, so to speak. The negatives look a little on the dark side, but are sort of fix-able in Photoshop once I managed to photograph the negatives. Success!


You can see, we had fun :) (I’m the one in the grey hoodie, by the way, and there’s the lovely Moira in the left upper corner)Lastly, then, on to developing a roll of Ilford b/w film I’d shot on Friday afternoon, and, lo and behold, more success! I’m chuffed with the results, and have just now spent the evening trying to digitalise these negatives. With some success, at least, and the help of a lamp, picture frame, tripod and macro lens.

Looks like this:


… not bad for a first attempt :)


~ by Simone on February 4, 2013.

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