little black beauty

My beautiful little Voigtländer medium-format folder camera, I’m pretty sure it’s a Bergheil…

I inherited this from my grandfather, who passed away before any of his grandchildren were born. My dad gave me this camera a few years ago, and I’ve shot a few rolls of film with it. It works perfectly, and beautifully. Now, I’m going to start shooting black and white film with this, and develop the film myself. And continue using this thing of beauty, this camera from a bygone era.


Along with this pre-WW 2 camera, I also got a few boxes of un-opened glass plate negatives. Might try and expose and develop those too, but to be honest I don’t hold out much hope that they’re still useable… the hand-written date on them says ‘summer ’44’… amazing stuff.


~ by Simone on February 18, 2013.

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